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Like a spark to the flame, we use the world’s leading technology
medium; mobile, to ignite innovations and set fire to industries.

Why Choose Us

ADN Digital is considered one of the trustworthy mobile app development firms in Bangladesh. We provide excellent service at a fair cost around the clock. We manage our time based on the convenience of you and offer cost based on your budget. We assure you to deliver a better ROI service.

  • App with customized design for you
  • Data Security of the client database
  • After delivering the project, expanded support system will be there
  • Excellent UX Design with the human-centric layout
  • Caring Team with credibility & Experience
  • Continuous improvement
  • Clear communication with you, so you can get what you expect
  • We deliver as promised on time
  • After delivering the project, expanded support system will be there
  • We listen, we discuss, we advise
The App Is Available For
macbook air

Any tablet devices you can use to use for our apps

mini ipad

Phablets are a modern trend. Use one for our mobile app.

iphone 5c

Our apps are responsive to all devices of all screen size.

iphone 6 silver
b b
Consultation for You!

You just get the idea, we can implement it. even you need consultation and guideline for your project, you can discuss with us.

Our Expertize

There are various platforms for mobile app development, which our team is very proficient at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you have some questions for us. Check below, here are some answers to your queries about mobile app development.

Reach us and provide your requirements. We’ll provide you a proposal based on your requirements. Upon agreement on that proposal, we’ll start the project, maintaining the project timeline.

50% initial payment should be made when starting the project.

We use a three-step process that ensures your app is delivered on time and on budget. We put together the best team suited to your idea, who possess the skills required to get the job done and a team that complements your own skill sets.

The team includes a Product Strategist, Project Manager, UX Designer, UI Designer, Business Analyst and IT engineer.

Our team is awesome. They’re some of the most experienced and vibrant app product developers in Bangladesh, with international experience spanning across 50% of the team.

Our team uses the highly regarded ‘Lean Method’ for developing software, producing the first version of your product as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We believe that this approach provides the best opportunity to eliminate wasted resources and thereby minimize cost and risk.

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