Inventory Management solution by ADN Digital

About Inventory Management Solution

Inventory and warehouse management systems in retail, wholesale, service delivery and many other sectors are becoming crucial. Inventory Management System helps a business to keep track of its generated resources and distribute them to all interested clients accordingly. The stock management software definition brings together all instruments that assist avoid spoilage of goods, eliminate expensive errors and thefts, and most importantly–maintain all clients satisfied.

What is inventory management software and what does it do? The most competitive benefit of inventory management solution is the ability of modern companies to plan ahead and prepare for sudden sales spikes or falls by tracking trends and referring to historical documents. You will also increase your efficiency with structured and classified inventories and pull out significant statistics whenever you need them.

Whatever the complexity of your inventory or the number of products you distribute, an inventory management solution will be a precious addition to your software infrastructure and one of the fastest ways to fulfill the expectations of your staff and clients.

Key Features of the Modules

Multiple Business/Shops
  • Set up multiple businesses within the application.
  • Inventory & accounting info is unbroken singly for every business.
Add Location / Storefronts / Ware House
  • Create multiple locations for your business/shop
  • Manage all of them at the identical time.
  • Stocks, Purchases, Sell may be half-track otherwise for locations.
  • Customize invoice layout, invoice theme for every location
User & Role Management
  • Powerful user and role management system
  • Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier
  • Create completely different Roles with permission as per your want.
  • Create unlimited users with completely different roles.
  • Easily add purchases.
  • Add purchase for various locations.
  • Manage Paid/Due purchases.
  • Add discounts & Taxes
Manage Expenses
  • Easily add business expenses
  • Categories expenses
  • Analyze expenses supported class and business locations with expenses report.
Different helpful feature
  • Set fiscal year, the gross margin for a business.
  • Translation prepared.
  • Predefined barcode sticker settings.
  • Create your barcode sticker setting
  • Manage Brands, rate & Tax teams, Units, class & Sub-Category
  • Easy three-steps installation.
  • Detailed documentation
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Express Checkout
  • Manage Single & Variable merchandise.
  • Classify merchandise in line with Brands, Category, Sub-Category.
  • Add merchandise having completely different units
  • Add SKU range or auto-generate SKU range with prefixes.
  • Get stock alerts on low stock.
  • Save time by motor vehicle hard asking price, the system is wise to motor vehicle calculate asking price supported terms and gross margin.
  • No need to be compelled to kind variations anytime, produce variation guide and use it every time you would like to make variable merchandise.
Contacts (Customer & Suppliers)
  • Mark contacts as client or provider or both (customer & Supplier)
  • View details of transactions with contact.
  • View total of Credit/Debit balance quantity
  • Define pay term and obtain payment alerts week before the date.
  • Simplified interface for mercantilism merchandise
  • Default Walk-In-Customer mechanically supplemental to a business
  • Add new client from the POS screen.
  • Ajax based mostly mercantilism screen – save reloading time
  • Mark An invoice for draft or final
  • Different choices for payments
  • Customize invoice layout and invoice theme.
  • Purchase & Sale report
  • Tax Report
  • Contact Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Expense Report
  • View Trending merchandise, drill down by Brands, Category, Sub-category, Units and date ranges
  • Expense Reports
  • Cash Register Report
  • Sales Representative report