Website Development Service in Bangladesh will Thrive in 2020

Web development and proper updated design are necessary and crucial in 2020. Whenever a customer access a website they have felt the site is relevant, up to date and modern in all aspect. For that, website design and development should be very modern and realistic together in 2020.

Keeping up with all the changes to do website development is necessary not only for the company but also for the client to have a very modernize feeling. There are some trends and steps to follow during the website design and development. Which are explained below –

Website Development Service Trends in Bangladesh

Modular Design

This modular design allows a developer to reuse the components and modules and allows a progressive rebuild that doesn’t involve the total development of the web page. Basically, the modular design is a common and a very old feature of the manufacturing process in automobiles, construction, aviation and also software development through the use of object-oriented programming.

Well, usually web designs are based on their required performance. We design as we want a page to perform. Complete focus on the clients’ experience. To do that you have to make sure the best web design to get more success easily. The best website design not only makes your website looks good but also it will make attract to more clients.

Responsive design

Responsive design allows web pages to render across devices and platforms. This line of thinking and design follows the burgeoning growth of mobile users which necessitates that pages open fluently and without hesitation across the users preferred platforms.

Every web developer should keep in mind another thing is mobile users increasingly become the majority of E-commerce users, responsive design is an absolute must in terms of their bottom line and not an option for all those who operate web pages and E-commerce sites. There are also some web design companies who do some best website design including keeping in mind the latest trends.



Chatbots and customer support

Every website developer and every website design company nowadays know that Chatbots are getting the thumbs across the globe. Many don’t realize how they are dealing with AI. A good website developer will always use these kinds of AI which are assumed it’s a website facilitated chat with a real person behind a desk.

Customer service departments are jumping on this bandwagon lock, stock, and barrel. For once they can keep up with the calls and support messages.

Now a day’s web design services make the sire very modern and technically updated. The normalization of AI through chatbots is happening now in these days like as we speak and people don’t mind, don’t know and don’t care as long as the little icon keeps answering all their queries and makes their day by resolving issues.


The accelerated mobile page is the future of content formats. It is very important to know about AMP for a website design company. AMP will be implemented across mobile devices in some form or the other.

With AMP, now every web development company can encourage businesses with the help of Google. It is to implement and develop websites that load like lightning and explode with luxuriant content as they resolve before the users on their mobile devices. It is very important for website marketing.

website development company now a day also use various google marketing tools to accelerate mobile pages which will affect them positively in the long term.

Voice search optimization

As people from web developing companies know that all the people now work with their phones, go to bed with their phones or run with their phones, they are increasing at ease with and more aware of their onboard assistants. For the website developer company, voice searches are the next big challenging thing and are trending to become the next big technological covenant with the millennial generation and beyond.

API-first design

E-commerce website design applications are now driven by APIs. As website development companies use the network and add devices to our lives, more APIs have to be created for different applications. These apps are used to drive all these devices that are now connected and need to communicate with each other and the user. API first envisages a system that changes the way applications are developed. Usually, APIs are added after the application is developed. The web development service uses different time-saving way of building the application and allows the front-end and back-end teams to work together as they check and verify the APIs performance.

What’s next

Every web development agency wants to stay ahead of the game which is a key to success in online business. One must sniff out the developments and emerging trends and stay abreast. Web development competition demands your best and your website is where you need to shine and put your best foot forward.

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