Ways to Increase Efficiency of Your Company

Styco is a fashion brand situated in Banani-11, Dhaka. They couldn’t manage their operation properly due to mismanagement of lead-time tracking and inventory management.  If you fail to increase efficiency of your business.

They wanted to smooth that complexity and increase their efficiency. This whole post is the case study of how they could increase efficiency of their company.

It’s safe to say that every company out there wants to run as efficiently as possible their offices. That is, the idea is to provide the lowest cost of the best and best products and services. One error that administrators commonly make is to confuse quality with quantity.

You might have the task of enhancing the overall efficiency of a company. Or, maybe you just want to see where you can improve. Whatever the case is, custom software development is an area to look into.

What are the key ways to increase efficiency of your business?

Companies have turned to external providers since the open-source boom in the 1990s to get custom-made software tools. These are designed to meet their specific needs. In recent years, the trend has accelerated, growing at a faster pace than the entire software industry.

Situation in Bangladesh

A recent BASIS survey shows that over 70% of IT companies are involved in software development and maintenance for their customers. They offer the best IT solutions in terms of graphics/web design, data processing, software development or content management.

Bangladesh’s top software companies are always busy bringing new dimensional services across multiple strategies. Such examples of revolutions are the introduction of new payment methods. online payment by credit card or other mobile options is an example of that. Approximately 45% of them stick to their core software development business. But others also involve them in specializing in e-commerce, e-learning, listing services, or payment services. In addition, web development or cloud storage services are also provided by some.

Ways to Increase efficiency of your company - ADN Digital

The market is fueled by multiple factors. Increasingly, customers are looking for expert software development companies, who can customize the software they use because off-the-shelf solutions do not always meet their business needs. This is one of the key advantages of custom software: tailoring each function to the exact workflow and business processes that the company already has, rather than forcing it to adapt to ready-made solutions.

Styco identified their opportunity in custom software development. But, Is the development of custom software right for your business?

Below are some advantages of developing custom software for your business. Check those out:

Competitive Advantage

No company or organization has a standard software monopoly. They are freely available on the market and they can be purchased for a price by any organization or business. If you use standard software, there is a high likelihood that the same will be used by your competitor as well. With the same tool at your disposal as your competitor, differentiating yourself in the market becomes extremely difficult. Customized software solution, on the other hand, provides a solution that is in perfect sync with your business needs and as such offers you a head start over your competitors.

Styco has strong competitors such as Noir, Yellow, Era-House, and many more. They all were using ERP software. But they weren’t detail-oriented and user-friendly. Styco just grabbed that point and got a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Extra Security

Standard software can put your security at risk. Other-used software is more vulnerable to hacker attacks and breaches. However, custom software is only known to you, which means that there is very little chance that despicable elements will endanger your software. Your sensitive data is safe from invasion and external threats.

Developing customer software may require additional time and money investment, but the short-and long-term benefits it offers far outweigh the investment. It will give your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace by adding security, flexibility, productivity and increase efficiency of your business.

3-layer security system is ensured in the software developed for Styco. That was possible only due to the custom development. “I couldn’t login the panel once as my cellphone wasn’t with me. But I’m really happy that, no unwanted security breach can happen in my software” – said by Styco Managing Director, Mr. Sarwar Mohaimin.

Better Adaptability & Integration

That’s one of a custom software’s best qualities. A software development company’s software development services include integrating multiple business systems into one function app, which is the core requirement. Here, the existing, updated and new features can also be ordered in a single function app that reduces churn rate and increase efficiency of your business

Styco software needs frequent change. Due to custom development, It’s very easy to include new features without breaking the software architecture. For example, they needed an option to integrate email automation with their software. Now they can greet any new customer with custom text. ADN Email helped them in doing that email automation API integration.

How to increase efficiency of your business - ADN Digital

Any businessman will not waste time on using multiple software systems for multiple things and checking their compatibility by keeping all of them. When it comes to integration part while maintaining various functionalities, it’s all a real mess. For all these problems, they are looking for a one-stop solution. A software development company or software developers are helping to develop a software that fulfills all your needs and replaces all other things. This helps to reduce the time spent on various software and training and also increase efficiency of your business, which further improves overall customer relationships.

Address your business needs better

Custom software development is the need of the hour. A team of experts will be specifically engaged in the development of software according to your business’ specific needs and requirements. The vendor works closely with the business to better captivate the strengths, opportunities, threats, competition, operating area, expertise, etc. to deliver a solution that fits your business perfectly.

Evolve as a New Wave of the Industry

When ordering a tailor-made software to meet your needs, you have a handful of software developers and a software development company. As your company will grow, there will be plenty of new requirements for you. For that, software may need updates for your new requirements. To work with your requirements, having the same team under you will make your work easier. They can help you to have some additional features embedded in it whenever your app needs update.

Final Result

Styco now provides  B2B and B2C eCommerce platform solutions which facilitate multi-channel retailing. They handles more than 10,000 concurrent site visitors, processing 200 transactions per day. Manages more than 1,00,000 products in one system. This ability helped them to ensure to generate 31% ROI on their business

When it comes to custom software development, a large majority of business owners are hesitant. The main reason is the price. However, for long-term planning, customer retention and growth, and expansion of your business, custom software development is a must.

Do you want to boost profits, improve customer retention, want more customers, make customer satisfaction your organization’s entire mark? Solution is the Custom software development for all your business needs from a reputable company.

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