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Visual Storytelling: Storytelling Checklist for Your Brand

We have been talking about Visual Storytelling for quite a long time. Before going on a topic wise hiatus, we are going to talk about a checklist. I use it to pre-measure potential success and check for plotholes in your story. Feel free to avail this list when you use storytelling for your brand.


I am going to share it with you lot. Best to go through this list at least for once when you are branding through storytelling.

1. Clearly Enunciate Your Brand’s Values in your Story

In your story, you should clearly deliver your brand’s value to your audience. Word of mouth is the key marketing aspect right now in the market. And your audiences will only remember what they hear from your long-term loyal customers. And your long-term loyal customers exercise what you enunciate on your story.

2. Align Your Brand’s Name, Logo, Tagline’s Message

Do make sure your brand’s name, logo, tagline or payoff line, your website and social media pages convey the same message. It is very important to increase your brand value.

3. Visually Portrait Your Key Feature

Portrait the key features of your brand. Deliver them in short visual presentation. We tend to remember comparatively longer what we see. That is why we are focusing on motion graphics more and more these days.

4. Keep Your Potential Audience in Consideration

Target your potential clients along with existing audiences in your story design. Make sure you keep them in your social media marketing strategies.

5. Leave Trace Amount of Hunger Among Your Audiences

You want your audiences to be sentimentally invested in your brand. You want your audiences to come back to your next storytelling session. But leave only a trace amount of hunger among them.

Comment your queries and feedbacks, I’ll answer and add them to the next article. Thank you.

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