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Visual Storytelling: 3 Ways to Become a Great Storyteller

It is kind of funny that still to this day some of us thinks people come to this world with their natural ability for storytelling. One advice to you lot, don’t despair yourself. It is all about digging the market. Knowing whom to say what and when. This advice is the whole article today. Once you fill your brain and mind with the concept that is clear to you, you will see the lingo and lexicons oozing out you like serenading fireballs. You will live through it. You will become it. And then my friend, you will become a great storyteller. Fame and cheques will follow you, don’t worry.

1. Start with Easily Recognising Beginning

“I had a fruitful conversation with my uncle last night. He taught me how to cover stocks’ resell value.” Do you want to read the rest of it now? Do you want me to reveal the conclusion of what I had learned last night? You can grab the attention of sensible audiences with the click of a moment when you share your experiences in finance game as a metaphor or as just starter of your story. You will instantly build a fan base as a storyteller.

2. Give Your Story Characters Your Audiences Can Refer Themselves to

When you let your audience walk in your story just to let them be; you, my friend have hit the sweet spot of storyteller’s greatness. You will get to enjoy the undivided attention of a hall full of peoples of many different walks. You and your audience will blend in with your story. The feeling of oneness like this helps you become the great storyteller.

3) Drive Actions Leading to Climax in Your Story

Develop inter conflicting actions in your story, lead them to a simpler climax, unfold everything in simple term before the end. Applaud will be loud and last long. Audiences will get off of their seat. Once they feel connected to your story, click on to the characters in your story, they will then fall in ever growing love with you, with your view of life. You want to get aligned with your audiences. Draw your final line likewise.

Feel free to comment your queries and feedbacks, I’ll answer and add them to the next article.
Thank you.

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