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Digital Marketing: The Very Basics of SEO & Crowdsourcing

Do you know how a company like “Starbucks” is using feedback from customers to offer new taste in Coffee? Do you know how to bypass the “Six Degrees of Separation” technique through your marketing tactics and connect to more people and get the most out of it? If you know answers to all these then you definitely know what I am referring to. Yes; I am talking about Digital Marketing, the in-bound marketing concept that may attract 10 times more audience/ results than regular out-bound marketing. In this era of Digital Marketing; where the western world has already started shifting their focus out of traditional marketing to digital marketing; here in Bangladesh we are yet to bring that change. With the recent launch of 3G the scope of digital marketing has just been expanded to unlimited possibilities in Bangladesh.

If you are just an entrepreneur wants to step into digital marketing era or a fresher wants to learn the basic of Digital Marketing and also know what works well in this digital marketing era, you need to first learn about the two basic tactics of digital marketing.

Story Telling

Do you have a website for your Business? Are you on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus? What kind of story are you planning to tell through all your digital footprints, be it your commercial website or social media page?

Coca-Cola once executed an awesome Storytelling Concept known as “The Opener” and started providing awesome recipes through their commercial website; the recipe goes good with Coke. This made people more engaged to their Brand and visit their website for more and more content/ recipes. Then came Red Bull. With their concept,” Red Bull gives you wings; started posting “Extreme Sports” game in their website, attracting audience to them.

Coca-Cola recently started another storytelling idea. They set up Camera in the vending machine located in Pakistan and India, requested customers from each country to greet each other. Coca-Cola took initiative to post the small clips in their website. Thus they have established the fact that they care for people through a great storytelling idea.

In the recent years, we have seen that organizations becoming more “human” through social interactions and great content. Companies are developing a personality through storytelling. Corporations are becoming less “faceless” and the trust between companies and consumers continuing to grow.

We must ensure that through our digital footprint; we attract, engage audience, ensure their visits more often to our websites, fan page so that we may get the most mileage out of it, pass the six degrees of separation rule and ensure communicating to the most numbers of people.

Another Recent Example would be airtelbuzz., Airtel Bangladesh’s Facebook Fan page with over 2.7 million followers; using interactive, innovative contents and posts in the page, attracts a great number of people to the page.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Simple apps related to photo editing, named as “You Cam perfect” launched a campaign for Halloween. They are giving out iPhone 6 when customers use their app and create spooky Halloween pictures. They are also sending Push Notification to customers informing them of the campaign. This is a great example of using Digital media to market products.

Digital Marketing Campaign may go Viral and have the maximum effect. All we need to do is, first of all, communicate the campaign through Digital and Social media and ensure that customers will be using the digital media to be eligible for the campaign. We need to ensure customer engagement as well.


A very easy example which some of the outlets/ stores/ restaurants are currently using; is the Check-in Concept. You “Check in” @ Facebook fan page of the restaurant/ outlet and get discount.

Try simple campaigns which will enable customers, engage them, and connect with them through interactive and smart contents. You may read about smart use of smart contents in another post of mine, here.

The basic idea of Digital Marketing Campaign is that you need to design a campaign; keeping digital and social media in mind, you need to ensure that you use smart content for your campaign, align your storytelling of your brand with the campaign tagline and just press enter!!!

This is the end of part one. Stay tuned for the second part where I’ll be talking about SEO and Content Crowd Sourcing, two very powerful digital marketing tactics. The extended version will be posted after the second part gets published in Daily Star. Hence keep posted.

This article is an extended part of my article published in Daily Star Newspaper. You can find the printed/ online version here.

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