5 effective ways to minimize custom software development costs

There are too many software projects that fail. We’ve done it! Someone in the room had to talk to the elephant. The essential reason for the failures of custom software development is planning inadequacies and lack of communication, much more than technical incompetence or unattainable requirements. The development of custom software is far from essential and therefore the word “custom” Some projects may have some similarities, but each project is a cluster of innovative ideas and business logic.

5 effective ways to reduce custom software development costs

A recent article in Harvard Business Review showed that one in six IT projects has a 200 percent cost overrun. It sounds like an industry that likes failure. So, “how can we reduce the cost of developing custom software?” would you do that yourself? 😉 Just kidding! This objective is inaccessible when it comes to software. And it’s unimaginable to think that without software a modern business can survive. As a result, it costs a skyrocket and could eventually even shift the overall profit of the company, especially for a start – up and a new small company. Then, can you even develop a custom software without losing all your money? Can we save software development and maintenance costs? That’s it! Definitely.

If the relevant project requirements are laid down, the cost of developing custom software can be lower than you think. Explore a simple but useful 5-step strategy that allows any cost-oriented company to invest intelligently in software development and constantly innovate with ever-changing business needs:


Consider the options for outsourcing

One of the easiest ways to minimize software development costs is to outsource software projects. The initial cost savings take the form of a lack of in-house costs, i.e. salaries, benefits, etc., and then extend to operational, marketing and management costs. The development of customized software from agencies is also an excellent way to gain access to experienced developers in the required technical field. At the same time, however, these lower rates do not necessarily lead to a better value for money. Quality assurance requires more factors than just costs to be taken into account. You will not only save money with the right attitude, but also find a high – quality software solution.

Draw up your own needs

This is mainly aimed at avoiding ambiguity in the requirements. If the requirements are misinterpreted or not read in full, the hazardous design, improper functionality and lack of specificity lead to a disaster. Make sure you are fully aware of your business needs and prepare a requirement analysis before approaching any software outsourcing vendor. The development of proper documentation from beginning to end results in a reduction in miscommunication.


The art of communication is the leadership language

In accordance with the Standish report, 52.7 percent of projects costs 189 percent of their original estimates. Why is that? Impractical and impossible project specifications and constant changes in the direction and management of projects. This type of phenomenon has become so common that it has even a name-“Black Swan.” At most times, the project aspects remain moderately vague and the offshore software development team should step into the scope of the project at this point and articulate any outstanding gray areas. The correct and efficient translation of the project specification into a complete project flow, which can act as a roadmap for both the customer and the supplier of outsourcing software development, not only effectively minimizes any guesswork, but also reduces the potential latitude for misunderstanding.


Involve the QA team at the start

The “mantra for software testing” says you should start testing early in the life cycle of software development. During the requirement or design phase, errors or bugs often begin to accumulate and eventually spread. The involvement of QA in the initial phase identifies many problems before development and avoids sub-optimal application quality, mid-project redesign costs and even red flags for release. The involvement of QA from the outset also leads to potential problems and conflicts and questions any functionality that may not have crossed the mind of the customer or the offshore software developing the vendor.

Prioritize the absolutely necessary features and remove the “nice to have” features for Phase 1

Stakeholders are generally excited about software projects and their imagination is limitless before the costs are drawn. Keep in mind that when it comes to software development, an unrestricted solution may take a couple of versions to roll out if the budget is not that suitable. Start with a small chunk of software with basic requirements and subsequent software extensions are always an option once they prove valuable and profitable.

There is more…

I just briefly selected a few hacks that will help you effectively outsource projects for software development at a much lower cost without giving up on quality.

In summary, software development can be more affordable than most people realize if there is a proper basis for the application and a very clear idea in mind. If you want to do customized software development from an experienced company, you can consider ADN Digital.

If you believe that custom software would help your company operate more efficiently, call ADN Digital at +880 1777-770506. We have extensive experience in custom software development and can help you through the process.

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