3 Best Web Development Software for Web Developer of 2019

If you are searching for the best web development software, then you may feel a little confused about where to start!!! For most of us, the thought of building a website or doing anything web development related is a daunting task. Well, there is no need to worry as we can tap into technology to create a fully-functional and good-looking website with the right web development or design software.

Here is a list of best web development software recommended, both free and paid tools are included.

They can help you to create, edit and update web pages easily. If you are a newbie or have no coding experience, then you can edit/create web pages easily with this software.

1. WordPress

WP is a blogging platform developed in PHP language and it supports building your website on your own server with PHP/MySQL database. As one of the best web development tools, the software can be used as CMS (Content Management System) to set up a commercial website. Its features include the WYSIWYG text editor, co-authoring with multiple authors, permalinks optimized for search engines, static page, member registration/login, newsletter subscription etc.

Main features-

  • Easy to install and get started
  • inbuilt site-building tools
  • Rich third-party plugins for the use
  • Various site templates and themes are free to use
  • SEO optimized, and friendly for high SERP.

3 Best Web Development Software for Web Developer of 2019

2. Weebly

As one of the most popular website development tools among people who want to start their own sites, Weebly is very easy-to-use and aimed at personal, business and professional websites. Above all, it enables you to make site-building work without any coding experience, meanwhile, you can choose to edit the HTML/CSS if you have the coding background.

Main features-

  • More than 40 layout designs, including website maps and portfolios,
  • Lots of info buttons, pop-ups, lists and email sequence to take good care of your workflow,
  • Easy switch between responsive and trendy templates/themes available on the application.

3. Macaw

Out of the best website design tools, Macaw sets itself apart by providing the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and CSS. Also, it gives the possibility to make a responsive webpage with beautiful typography and system fonts, letting you style the elements at once. If you are looking for free website design software with moderate learning curve and flexibility, then don’t miss out the software.

Main features-

  • Save your design elements in your own library for later use.
  • The Alchemy tool can convert your design elements to CSS or HTML codes.
  • There is a real-time layout engine letting you manipulate your design elements with ease.
  • Your whole website will be optimized for all devices.

Above are the web development tools list, based on our research on their ease-of-use, supported languages, cost and how easy the tools make it upload the finished project once completed.

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But if you want to create a website from scratch, then Macaw should be your choice. If you are looking for a good combination of functionality, efficiency, and affordability, then WordPress is your best choice. Hope these recommended web development tools can be helpful for you.

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